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What is aviation maintenance technology?

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the need for commercial, civil, and general aviation roles. Commercial fleets are becoming older, and new technology is on the horizon. There is an immense need for aircraft maintenance to repair the older aircrafts, and to implement new technology as it becomes available and more widespread. As the demand for maintenance increases, so does the need for those skilled in the trade! There is a great demand for aircraft techPA-2400-50 ground power unitnicians that can keep aircrafts in proper flying condition.

Aviation maintenance technology gives aviation maintenance technicians the knowledge needed in order to repair and maintain many different types of aircrafts, including helicopters and planes.

Aviation maintenance technology includes general maintenance, and specialized areas of learning for specific areas (such as an airframe or powerplant). This technology is used to diagnose mechanical and electrical issues, replace parts that have reached the end of their lifespan, replace damaged parts, and also includes scheduled maintenance checks.

Aviation maintenance technology training has three main areas. Those studying aviation maintenance technology may choose to get certification from the FAA to become a certified maintenance technician. They can either have an airframe rating or a powerplant rating. Others may choose to get an associate of applied science. This will allow them to continue their education and become a supervisor within the aviation industry. While many schools offer Aviation Maintenance Technology programs, it is important to look into a few different ones to see which program would work best for you and your availability. 

With aviation maintenance technology training, one will be able to to perform all tasks related to maintaining the integrity of the aircraft, which includes engine cleaning. Students receive a plethora of training in inspection, repair, servicing, and even the overhauling of the complete craft airframes and powerplants. General maintenance is also taught through classroom instruction and shop experience. THose trained as aviation maintenance technology professionals know exactly what to do to keep your aircraft in the best working order possible, and to keep it flying safely for many years to come.

If aviation maintenance technology strikes a spark within you, becoming an aviation maintenance technician may be the ideal field for you to begin your career with. With ever increasing demand, and many programs available for education, it is a great field to learn and grow within! There is so much to learn when it comes to aviation maintenance technology, and beginning the educational process is the first step.

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