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How to Clean a Turbine Engine with PowerAll Systems TEWS

The chemical solution is usually either an amine-based formula or and Ethoxylated alcohol-based formula. The cleaning solution will dislodge debris and remove any residual cleaning composition. The rinsing process is also crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of the components so that they function as intended and reduce the chance of causing corrosion. The following procedure will explain the Turbine Engine Wash System (TEWS), and how to use them.

The TEWS system was originally developed for aircraft turbines. Its design and operation allow for the washing of small and medium-sized turbine engines. 

The PowerAll Systems TW60 and TW60AT TEWS has a battery-powered design and is suitable for use in the hangar, or on the ramp. The PowerAll Systems TEWS provide a simple yet effective cleaning solution for washing turbine engines. 

To get the most from your turbine engine cleaning process, you need to understand its physics and mechanical parts. This will enable you to choose the right unit for your needs. In addition to cleaning small and medium-sized aircraft, it can also clean turbofan engines. Both PowerAll Systems models are equipped with two five-gallon fluid reservoirs, and twenty-five feet of hose, and are constructed with hard-line pipes and bulkhead fittings designed for durability. Fluid can be channeled from either the water or the solution tank with the valve located on the front plate.

Having a reliable and effective turbine engine-cleaning system is essential for a safe and efficient flight. Not only does it increase torque, increase engine RPM, and reduce fuel consumption, but it also allows the aircraft to fly faster and reach higher speeds. When cleaning a turbine, we recommend using a system that utilizes certified soaps and filters. In addition, corrosion is a billion-dollar problem for aircraft and can cause tens of thousands of hours of unscheduled downtime.

A turbine engine washing system has many advantages. These systems can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in the engine compartment. By removing these waste products from the air, you'll improve aircraft performance and reliability. 

PowerAll Systems turbine engine wash systems provide a comprehensive solution for washing turbine engines. These systems are also suitable for turbofan and turboprop aircraft and ground support equipment. It is battery-powered and flight line-safe. These systems are highly effective and efficient in cleaning turbine engines. The TW60 uses shop air as its source whereas the TW60AT comes with its own five-gallon compressed air tank unit but can also be used with shop air as its source. 

PowerAll Systems -aviation turbine engine washing units provide an excellent solution for both inside and outside turbine engine cleaning. The system is portable, and battery powered to help you clean turbo engines most effectively. With two options to choose from, PowerAll Systems is sure to have the right turbo engine cleaning solution for your needs.